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Autumn's first (an hopefully only) heat

Well, Logan got fixed back in February as you all know, and my Pandora got fixed as when she was young. So 3 cats, all house cats. Well, it does seem to be Autumn's turn. It will have to wait until I have back working again and at least no kittens will come of anything as she doesn't go out. We are being extra careful about making sure she isn't at the front door when we go in or out. She hasn't started the squaling or loud mewling yet, but she walks through the apartment making trilling noises that she uses to call Logan with. She flops down and rolls on the floor all the while making trilling noises. She'll go over and rub under Logan's chin and then assume the mating position. Her trilling gets more insistant. Logan looks at her as if to say, "what?". She rubs him again and again assumes the position. She got frustrated with Logan last night and actually stuck her butt on his nose. Then assumes the position. He looks at me so dumbfounded. He truely doesn't know what she wants. I laughed so hard that my sides hurt. I guess brazen66 has to have the birds and bees chat with him. You know, Man to Man-Cat. LMAO
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