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squirreli - Gina/Geneviève/Bob (don't ask)/etc.

Update from da skwerl.

Ok. I'm still lookin in yer windows, sometimes tapping to make sure you get yer exercise. Usually, I watch to see what yer doin, cause I get bored. I see ya laying on the window sills and in the doorways, grooming and thinking about moving. I have to let y'all know about some cats that make you all look like pitiful slackers. Yes, the The Moscow Cat Theatre has it all. These cats have it together.
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I'm Luna, my sister, Sammy is eating. She left LJ open, how silly of her. Anyways, I'm 1 and a half years old, My sister Sam and I have the same birthday. She came up with my name and my whole family voted on it. Luna means moon in Greek, Italian, and French. I'm a siamese cat. I met my family when they fostered me and my siblings. We stayed with them for 5 weeks before we were old enough to be adopted. Then we were taken down to PetSmart, leaving our mommy, Mrs. Skipperdoo, at home. My family had decided to keep one of us, and they decided to choose me. I had to get shots and then say goodbye to my siblings. Over the next few days my 4 siblings moved off. I've been with my family since I was 4 weeks old, when i was found in a box, and taken to a shelter. Yeah, well my sister will be back in the room any minute! So bye!
Luna, You posted this to a comment in my post to Kittiejournals... I think it would be great if all the other beasts on kittiejournals were to meet you, and they might not get a chance if this is just a comment. You might wish to copy the text into an original post to the community so all the cats can see the new kit on the block! :)

- The Squirrel at the Window